The Best Commercial Underlay

I have worked very closely with Estillon a Dutch company who produce underlay, sub-floor preparation panels and tools for many year traveling around the world giving presentations and training seminars. One of their products is Egalsoft underlay that in my opinion and most people who have used it consider it is the best commercial underlay for double stick installations or I should say single stick as it is marketed. The reason for single is that it has a built in tackifier adhesive speeding up the installation time but more importantly can be removed with virtually no residues left on the sub-floor.

Follows a meeting with a prominent UK carpet manufacturer in Hannover at the Domotex flooring show who considered the merits of this product with installation of their carpets. To test the merits of the underlay I was requested to install a test area in the carpet manufacturers factory. I was informed the location would be in a heavily used area of the factory but to my surprise this was between racks of carpet where they drive fork lift trucks with heaving items on. I installed the carpet and underlay and within 30 minutes they started to drive fork lifts over the carpet. I stood and watched and found the carpet and underlay remained very stable with no visible movement. We are going to monitor this over the next few week and will write another news letter at this time.  I must point out that this underlay is not designed for extreme loads such as fork lift trucks with whole rolls of carpet on so, in those infamous words do not try this at home!