Standard Report

Failed installations can be caused by a number of reasons, all of which need to be investigated to establish the reason(s) and to enable all parties to seek a resolution.  My independency creates an unbiased assessment of the evidence!

I carry out a thorough on site inspection which may include invasive investigation (removal of a section of flooring to evaluate the preparation or sub-floor).  The investigation will evaluate all relevant background information, including checking the evidence against specifications and relevant standards such as British Standards and Manufacturers technical data sheets, to enable me to fully investigate the situation.
My background knowledge and expertise in the preparation of sub-floors and installation of all types of floorcoverings as well as training installers and sales personnel, gives me a good insight when inspecting the flooring.

Once all of the evidence has been investigated and evaluated, I produce a report including photos, outlining what was found on site, summarizing these points, ending with a conclusion.  I can also include possible solutions if requested.  These reports are based on a single client commission.